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Founder of Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd, Addresses the BVI Yachting, Hotel, and Tourism Association


The BVI Yachting, Hotel, and Tourism Association's (YHTA) recent Stakeholder Symposium brought together industry experts and stakeholders to discuss the state of the marine industry in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Among the notable speakers was Andrew Ball, the Founder and Managing Director of Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd. With years of experience and expertise in the field, Ball shared valuable insights into the driving factors, challenges, and potential solutions within the marine industry.

Defining the Sub-Sectors and Addressing Differing Needs:

- The marine industry in the BVI encompasses various sub-sectors, including yachting, boating, charter services, and related tourism activities. Each sub-sector has its own unique needs, and often these needs can conflict with one another. Ball highlighted the importance of understanding these differences to effectively address the challenges faced by each sector and work towards collaborative solutions that benefit the industry as a whole.

Clarifying the Economic Impact of the Marine Industry:

- One misconception surrounding the marine industry in the BVI is the perception that it primarily benefits foreign visitors and investors, neglecting the local population. Ball emphasized the significant role the industry plays in creating jobs and generating revenue for the BVI economy. He dispelled misconceptions and shed light on the multitude of employment opportunities and economic benefits that the industry brings to the local community.

Strategies for Increasing BVIslanders' Participation:

- To foster a sense of ownership and maximize local participation in the marine industry, Ball proposed strategies aimed at encouraging more BVIslanders to pursue careers in this field. These strategies include vocational training programs, educational initiatives, and mentorship opportunities to equip locals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in various marine-related professions.

Regulatory Challenges and the Need for Legislative Reform:

- Regulatory challenges and inconsistencies within the marine industry can hinder its growth and development. Ball stressed the importance of legislative reform and harmonization to create a more streamlined and transparent regulatory framework. By addressing these challenges, the industry can attract more investments, ensure compliance with international standards, and promote sustainable practices.

Balancing Environmental and Infrastructural Capacities:

- Preserving the natural beauty and fragile ecosystems of the BVI is essential for the long-term success of the marine industry. Ball emphasized the need for sustainable practices and responsible tourism to mitigate the environmental impact. Furthermore, he discussed the importance of developing and maintaining adequate infrastructural capacities, such as marinas, ports, and support facilities, to accommodate the growing demands of the industry without compromising the environment.

Establishing a Long-Term National Strategy:

- In order to guide the growth and development of the marine industry in the BVI, Ball stressed the necessity of a long-term national strategy. This strategy should be comprehensive, encompassing economic, environmental, and social objectives, and should involve collaboration between the government, industry stakeholders, and local communities. Such a strategy would provide a roadmap for sustainable development and ensure that the industry continues to thrive while preserving the BVI's unique identity and natural resources.


Andrew Ball's insightful address at the BVI Yachting, Hotel, and Tourism Association's Stakeholder Symposium shed light on the marine industry in the British Virgin Islands. Through his expertise and experience, Ball highlighted the importance of understanding the industry's sub-sectors, addressing misconceptions about its economic impact, fostering local participation, regulatory reform, environmental sustainability, and the need for a comprehensive national strategy. By embracing these insights and working collaboratively, the BVI can build a thriving marine industry that benefits both the local community and visitors alike, while ensuring the long-term preservation of its natural beauty.

Video footage of Day 1 of the symposium can be found at the link below or on the BVI Yachting, Hotel and Tourism Association’s Facebook page.


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