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Sailing Towards Excellence: Mainstay's First Six Months of Achievements

In the dynamic realm of yacht management and luxury charter services, Mainstay has not only emerged but flourished remarkably since its inception in late August 2023. Our journey, though brief, has been marked by significant achievements, ambitious projects, and a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation. This detailed article, also serving as our newsletter, is a testament to our accomplishments, strategic endeavours, and the vision that propels us forward.

Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd

Ambitious Projects and Strategic Expansion

Our entry into the industry was signified by securing two ambitious new-build projects: a cutting-edge Fountaine Pajot 80 sailing yacht and an opulent Sunreef Supreme 68 motor yacht. These projects are pivotal to our mission, with launches planned in the historic shipyards of La Rochelle and Gdansk in March and April, respectively. Our involvement from the early stages, advising on specifications and design, ensures that these yachts will not only enhance our fleet but also set new standards in luxury and performance. As they prepare to join our management fleet for crewed charters in the BVI next season, one yacht is destined to charm the azure waters of Greece (and is already in discussions to come to the Caribbean for next season), while the other is slated for an exciting journey to Florida. Here, it will undergo comprehensive preparations, including flagging, insurance, compliance, recruitment, and outfitting, before setting sail for a summer in the Bahamas. This phase will culminate in its participation at the Virgin Islands yacht show in November, a showcase of its elegance and Mainstay's excellence.

Navigating the Classic Yacht Challenge

Our expertise was also sought for the meticulous integration of a 130' classic motor yacht into the Mediterranean charter circuit. This project stands as a testament to our versatility and deep understanding of the industry's regulations and challenges, especially when dealing with vessels that predate modern conventions. Our success in this venture not only underscores our capability to handle unique challenges but also our passion for preserving the heritage and allure of classic yachting.

Mastery in Crisis Management

Our team has adeptly managed several high-profile crises, including the total loss of a 60' catamaran, a lightning strike on a 105' catamaran, and the stranding of a 54' power catamaran, among other challenging scenarios. These situations have tested and proven our crisis management prowess, demonstrating our ability to offer comprehensive solutions that span from initial assessment to the final repair and resolution, ensuring peace of mind for owners and stakeholders.

"It has been an absolute pleasure, and so incredibly rewarding, to be a leading participant in implementing resolutions and seeing our clients benefit from innovative and dependable end-to-end support."

Andrew Ball, Founder & Managing Director

Strategic Advisory and Community Support

Our involvement in advising on the development of a high-profile marina and boatyard highlights our commitment to leveraging our yachting expertise in broader industry applications. Additionally, our engagement in local industry dispute resolution, often on a pro-bono basis, reflects our dedication to community support and industry integrity. These initiatives, alongside forming strategic partnerships for insurance, legal services, and multi-jurisdictional representation, are aimed at enriching our service offerings and enhancing client satisfaction.

Mainstay's Vision for Future Growth

As we approach our operational capacity, the horizon beckons with opportunities for expansion. Our intention is to grow our team and extend our capabilities without compromising the quality that has become our hallmark. Our focus remains on augmenting our charter fleet with yachts that embody our values, ensuring a harmonious blend of luxury, performance, and sustainability.

Expressing Our Gratitude

This milestone could not have been reached without the robust support of our clients, partners, and the wider yachting community. Your trust and encouragement fuel our drive to exceed expectations, raise industry standards, and contribute meaningfully to our industry and community.

As we reflect on our initial six months, we are imbued with a sense of accomplishment and a clear vision for the future. Mainstay is poised to navigate the uncharted waters ahead, with a promise of delivering excellence, innovation, and unmatched service.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Together, we look forward to many more milestones and shared successes.


Mainstay's narrative is one of rapid growth, strategic achievements, and unwavering commitment to excellence. As we continue on our path, we are excited to explore new horizons, embrace challenges, and further cement our position as leaders in the yachting industry. Join us as we set sail towards a future filled with promise, progress, and unparalleled experiences.


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