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About Mainstay

Here to help you navigate the stormiest of seas

We love what we do; helping people. We want to help you solve the unsolvable, overcome the invisible, stop the unstoppable, and move the unmovable.


"Our vision is to be the most coveted and trusted source of advice in the Caribbean for marine industry professionals, the public sector, and potential investors; and, to make working and investing in the marine space simple and enjoyable."

Our Story

Our Founder came to the BVI as a Charter Captain in 2009. He later became a shore based marine engineer, and then a Marine Surveyor. He has spent his entire adult career solving problems surrounding marine engineering, marine litigation & disputes, and marine tourism.

The Mainstay Consulting Group was founded on the principle of guiding industry stakeholders and prospective industry stakeholders to prudent choices and thereby raising the quality of the marine industry's product and the perception of investment in that same product.

Mainstay was founded in 2023 after significant delays due to hurricanes and pandemics, but with no shortage of lessons learned.

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The MAINSTAY Mission

"It is our mission to guide professionals, investors, and industry to symbiotic success and prosperity, and to enrich and empower the communities supporting them. More simply, it is our mission to mitigate the stresses and risks within the industry and to ensure working around the water is fun for our clients."


Our guiding principles are to work with INTEGRITY & ACCOUNTABILITY and to assist clients to apply these values in their processes. We take a special interest in projects focused around ETHICS, DIVERSITY, and SUSTAINABILITY.

Working With the Best

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