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M/Y Jura II

1964 Hall Russell Motor Yacht

Owner's Representative, Charter Manager

M/Y Jura II



36.58m / 120'



Cook Islands

Cook Islands Flag

If you would like to charter Jura II, please contact your charter broker of choice. We do not take direct bookings.

Jura II’s evolution under Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd. represents a holistic transformation from a private sanctuary to a premier term charter yacht, now based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Our journey with Jura II began with the intricate process of transitioning her from a private vessel to a commercially viable charter yacht. This involved navigating complex regulatory frameworks, company structuring, insurance policy selection, and extensive marketing.

Navigating Flag and Insurance Challenges

Our initial task involved a detailed examination of various flags and codes, considering Jura II's unique custom and classic design. This exploration was crucial to identify a flag state that could offer a dual private/commercial registry, accommodating the owner's needs for both personal and commercial use.

Comprehensive Insurance Solutions

A pivotal aspect of our service was facilitating a more inclusive insurance policy for Jura II, covering Hull & Machinery, Protection & Indemnity, and Personal Accident and Illness. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of insurance and claims, coupled with our wide-reaching connections in the brokerage and insurance industry, we assisted the owner in securing a policy that comprehensively safeguarded the yacht under its new operational status.

Corporate Structuring for Legal and Operational Separation

To further protect the owner's interests, we guided the formation of a new corporate entity. This strategic move compartmentalised the yacht, its operations, and any potential liabilities, providing a structured and secure framework for its new commercial venture.

Transition to Dual Private/Commercial Registry

Our team successfully administered the transition to a new flag, which included the deletion from the previous flag and transferring the asset into the new corporate entity. This process was meticulously managed to ensure seamless compliance with the new flag state's regulations.

Compliance, Survey, and Modification Advisory

Mainstay provided expert advice on compliance requirements, the survey process, and necessary modifications under the new flag. Our guidance ensured that Jura II met all commercial standards, from safety to operational protocols, making her fit for charter service.

Facilitating Mediterranean Charter Operations

We also played a significant role in setting up contractual agreements with a Mediterranean charter agent, navigating the intricate jurisdictional permitting requirements in various Mediterranean locales. This step was critical in establishing Jura II's presence in the charter market.

Expanded Role: Charter Agent and Manager

With Jura II now positioned as a term charter yacht, Mainstay has assumed the roles of charter agent and manager when the owner decided to station her in the Caribbean. We oversee all aspects of her charter operations, from marketing and client relations to crewing and engineering. Our meticulous approach ensures that every charter aboard Jura II is seamless, luxurious, and tailored to exceed expectations.

Enhanced Systems and Inventory

To reinforce Jura II’s status as the flagship yacht in our fleet, Mainstay conducted extensive assessments and enhancements across her systems and inventory. These improvements were designed to enhance safety, comfort, and operational efficiency, reflecting our commitment to delivering the highest standards of luxury yachting. From mechanical upgrades to the introduction of state-of-the-art amenities, every enhancement contributes to Jura II’s reputation as an unparalleled charter experience.

Strategic Alignment with Maritime Development

Beyond managing Jura II, this project serves as a strategic case study for advancing maritime capabilities in the BVI. It aligns with our broader initiatives, such as the ongoing Nanny Cay Marina development, demonstrating our commitment to elevating regional maritime infrastructure and service standards. By showcasing Jura II’s seamless transition and operational success, we aim to inspire confidence in the BVI’s capacity to support and maintain small superyachts locally.


Jura II’s transformation into a flagship BVI-based term charter yacht epitomizes Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd.’s expertise in yacht management and consultancy. Our comprehensive approach — from initial regulatory compliance and commercial transition to ongoing charter management and operational excellence — underscores our dedication to exceeding industry standards. We take pride in delivering exceptional service and performance, ensuring that Jura II remains a beacon of luxury and sophistication in the charter market.

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