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S/Y Ad Astra

2024 Fountaine Pajot 80

Owner's Representative

S/Y Ad Astra



23.98m / 78.7'


Hellenic Republic

Greek Flag

Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd. embarks on an ambitious journey as the owner's representative for the new build of the Fountaine Pajot 80 sailing catamaran, hull number 2. Our role in this prestigious project is multifaceted and deeply involved, reflecting our commitment to delivering bespoke solutions and exceptional quality in yacht management.

Customised Specifications and Build Oversight 

We began by working closely with the owner to provide custom specifications tailored to their vision and requirements. This process involved detailed discussions and planning to ensure that every aspect of the yacht's design and functionality aligns with the owner's expectations and needs, especially considering its future charter operations in Greece and the Caribbean.

Ensuring Adherence to Standards and Contracts 

A significant part of our responsibility included overseeing the build process to ensure that the builder, Fountaine Pajot, adhered strictly to the build contract, international standards, and flag state regulations. Our vigilant oversight aimed to guarantee not just compliance, but also the highest standards of safety, quality, and performance. This involved multiple visits and on-site inspections at the Fountaine Pajot factory in La Rochelle, France.

Market Analysis and Advisory 

Our expertise extended to advising the owner on current market conditions and setting reasonable expectations for the yacht's performance in the charter industry. We provided insights into market trends, potential revenue streams, and operational considerations, helping the owner to make informed decisions and set realistic goals.

Collaboration and Continued Management 

Throughout the project, we engaged in extensive negotiation with Fountaine Pajot, a process that ultimately proved beneficial for all parties involved. Our collaboration led to enhancements in the yacht's design and functionality and hopefully contributed to an improved product from Fountaine Pajot. Looking ahead, Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd. anticipates continuing our involvement through operational management of the yacht's charter activities in the Caribbean, ensuring a seamless transition and sustained excellence in service.


This project is a prime example of Mainstay's ability to handle complex, high-stakes assignments with precision and foresight. The Fountaine Pajot 80 sailing catamaran project not only reinforces our expertise in yacht management and consulting but also underscores our dedication to fulfilling our clients' unique visions and achieving outstanding results in the maritime sector. We look forward to engaging in further projects with Fountaine Pajot on behalf of other owners and to this owner's continued support through our management service.

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