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Revolutionizing Boatyard Operations: Nanny Cay's Strategic Upgrade with Mainstay's Expertise

Nanny Cay Resort and Marina, a cornerstone in the Caribbean's maritime sector, embarked on a significant expansion of their boatyard, targeting new haul-out capabilities. Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd. was at the forefront of this ambitious project, tasked with reviewing and enhancing the development plans to align with market needs and operational efficiency.

Revolutionizing Boatyard Operations: Nanny Cay's Strategic Upgrade with Mainstay's Expertise

In-Depth Review and Procurement

Our initial step involved a thorough review of the existing prospective layout and equipment specifications. Recognizing the growing market for catamaran services, we were subsequently entrusted with specifying and procuring a new Marine Travelift. This crucial piece of equipment was the linchpin in realizing Nanny Cay's vision of expanding their service offerings.

Market Analysis and Equipment Specification

We delved into an extensive market analysis, focusing on current and potential demands. The goal was clear: to facilitate the haul-out of catamarans under 24 meters. This required a comprehensive assessment of various factors, including displacement weights, beam, height, draft, and distance between lift points, among others. We engaged with production builders in a consultative process to ensure our recommendations were robust and well-informed.

Future-Proofing Nanny Cay's Boatyard

Our recommendations were designed to be future-proof, at least for the foreseeable future in this market segment. The new specification would enable Nanny Cay to handle even damaged 80' catamarans, a significant leap in their service capacity, and a first in the Caribbean.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Revenue Potential

Further, we refined the boatyard's operational model. Our suggested changes in specifications allowed for closer stacking of boats within the yard, leading to higher revenue generation. This was complemented by selecting an engine more serviceable and supportable locally, enhancing operational reliability and minimizing downtime.

Safety and Reliability Focus

In our recommendations, we placed a strong emphasis on the safety and efficiency of boatyard operations. The modifications were aimed at aiding operators in performing their duties more efficiently and safely, while also ensuring heightened reliability for Nanny Cay's operations.


The expanded capabilities of Nanny Cay Resort and Marina's boatyard, assisted through Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd.'s expertise, mark a significant advancement in the region's maritime services. Our holistic approach in this project — from market analysis to equipment procurement and operational efficiency — showcases our dedication to driving innovation and excellence in maritime infrastructure development. Nanny Cay's boatyard is now poised to offer unparalleled services in the catamaran segment, solidifying its position as a leader in the Caribbean maritime industry.

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