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Navigating Industry Excellence: Mainstay's Role in the Marine Association of the BVI

Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd., through the proactive involvement of our Founder and Managing Director, Andrew Ball, plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the marine industry in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) as the Chairperson of the Marine Association of the BVI (MABVI). This engagement is more than a leadership position; it's a commitment to the sustainable growth and ethical standards of the marine sector.

Navigating Industry Excellence: Mainstay's Role in the Marine Association of the BVI

Our Founder's Leadership

Since joining the board of directors in 2019, Andrew has been at the forefront of driving significant change within the industry. His leadership was particularly crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic, where he led the private-sector development of comprehensive policies to balance public health and security with the economic needs of the marine industry. Under his guidance, MABVI became a central figure in reviving the industry post-pandemic, ensuring safe and sustainable operations.

Contributions to MABVI and the Community

Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd. generously supports MABVI by providing office space for its administrator and dedicating considerable resources to the association's activities. Andrew spends substantial time drafting policies, meeting with stakeholders, and advocating for the industry's interests. This involvement underscores our belief in the importance of a collaborative approach to industry growth and sustainability.

Advancing Marine Education and Shelter

MABVI's influence extends to critical areas like education and environmental protection. The association played a key role in developing the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College's Marine Professional Training program, now recognized as one of the best in the Caribbean. Additionally, MABVI administers the Paraquita Bay Marine Shelter, a crucial facility for protecting the BVI's charter fleet during hurricanes.

Advocacy and Reform Efforts

Our current advocacy efforts are focused on reforming the Commercial Recreational Vessels Licensing Act, reflecting our commitment to evolving industry standards and practices. We're also driving the reform of the Marine Association itself, aiming to enhance its value to members and further solidify its role as a pillar of the marine community.

Supporting Local Initiatives

The Association's dedication to the community is evident in our support for 'Kids and the Sea', a local youth sailing charity. By investing in the next generation of marine professionals, we are helping to ensure a vibrant and sustainable future for the industry.

MABVI's Core Aims and Objectives

As a non-profit organization, MABVI is guided by principles that align closely with Mainstay's values. These include promoting professional and ethical standards, interacting with government bodies on industry matters, undertaking publicity and advertising for the association, promoting employment and training of BVIslanders in the marine industry, and pursuing charitable or non-profit purposes to bolster the industry's growth and reputation.


Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd.'s active role in MABVI is more than a commitment to the marine industry; it's a reflection of our broader mission to champion sustainable practices, community involvement, and the highest standards of service in the marine sector. Through this involvement, we not only contribute to the industry's present but also help chart a course for its dynamic and prosperous future.

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