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Jura II's Voyage to Commercial Charter: Mainstay's Expert Guidance

The classic motor yacht Jura II embarked on a significant transformation, and Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd. was at the helm of this transition. The yacht owner's vision was to convert Jura II from a private vessel into a commercially operable charter yacht, capable of cruising with a professional crew in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, while still allowing personal use by the owner without complications from the flag state or insurers.

Jura II's Voyage to Commercial Charter: Mainstay's Expert Guidance

Navigating Flag and Insurance Challenges

Our initial task involved a detailed examination of various flags and codes, considering Jura II's unique custom and classic design. This exploration was crucial to identify a flag state that could offer a dual private/commercial registry, accommodating the owner's needs for both personal and commercial use.

Comprehensive Insurance Solutions

A pivotal aspect of our service was facilitating a more inclusive insurance policy for Jura II, covering Hull & Machinery, Protection & Indemnity, and Personal Accident and Illness. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of insurance and claims, coupled with our wide-reaching connections in the brokerage and insurance industry, we assisted the owner in securing a policy that comprehensively safeguarded the yacht under its new operational status.

Corporate Structuring for Legal and Operational Separation

To further protect the owner's interests, we guided the formation of a new corporate entity. This strategic move compartmentalised the yacht, its operations, and any potential liabilities, providing a structured and secure framework for its new commercial venture.

Transition to Dual Private/Commercial Registry

Our team successfully administered the transition to a new flag, which included the deletion from the previous flag and transferring the asset into the new corporate entity. This process was meticulously managed to ensure seamless compliance with the new flag state's regulations.

Compliance, Survey, and Modification Advisory

Mainstay provided expert advice on compliance requirements, the survey process, and necessary modifications under the new flag. Our guidance ensured that Jura II met all commercial standards, from safety to operational protocols, making it fit for charter service.

Facilitating Mediterranean Charter Operations

We also played a significant role in setting up contractual agreements with a Mediterranean charter agent, navigating the intricate jurisdictional permitting requirements in various Mediterranean locales. This step was critical in establishing Jura II's presence in the charter market.


As the Owner's Agent and Representative, Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd. is proud of our comprehensive involvement in Jura II's transition. Our expertise in yacht management, legal structuring, compliance, and insurance made us the ideal partner for this complex undertaking. We eagerly anticipate Jura II joining our management fleet, ready for charter in the coming seasons, and stand as a testament to our capability to transform visions into reality in the maritime sector.

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