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Commitment Beyond Business: Our Founder's Role in Marine Law Enforcement

Andrew Ball, the Founder of Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd., extends his passion for the maritime world beyond the realm of business through his voluntary service as a police officer with the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force. His involvement in this capacity is a testament to his dedication to marine safety, security, and the broader well-being of the marine community.

Commitment Beyond Business: Our Founder's Role in Marine Law Enforcement

Specialised in Marine Law Enforcement

Mr Ball's areas of expertise in the force include Marine Asset and Risk Management, Marine Investigation, and Marine Intelligence. These roles are critical in safeguarding the marine environment and ensuring the security of assets and personnel in the region's waters. His work involves a range of complex and sensitive responsibilities, vital to maintaining law and order on the seas.

Indirect Contribution by Mainstay

While the specifics of Andrew's law enforcement activities are confidential, it is evident that his commitment requires a considerable investment of time and resources. Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd. indirectly supports these endeavours, underlining our belief in the importance of contributing to the broader community and marine ecosystem. Our support extends beyond direct business interests, reflecting our holistic approach to maritime engagement.

A Dual Role: Business Leader and Community Protector

Andrew's dual role as a business leader and a volunteer law enforcement officer is rare and commendable. It showcases his multifaceted skills and his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in both the corporate and public sectors. His work with the police force complements his professional pursuits at Mainstay, providing him with a unique perspective on maritime operations and challenges.

Confidentiality and Integrity Given the sensitive nature of law enforcement work, the specifics of Andrew's duties are confidential. However, this secrecy underscores the trust and responsibility placed in him, traits that he carries into his leadership at Mainstay. His involvement in marine law enforcement strengthens our company's values of integrity, responsibility, and community service.


Our Founder's volunteer service with the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force is a significant part of his and Mainstay's identity. It exemplifies our commitment to the marine industry, not just as a business domain but as a community we are dedicated to protecting and serving. Through this role, Andrew demonstrates how business leaders can effectively contribute to and impact their communities, setting a standard for corporate social responsibility in the marine industry.

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