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Blueprints for Expansion: Assessing Nanny Cay Marina's Development Plans

The ambitious expansion of Nanny Cay Marina and Resort marks a significant milestone in the Caribbean's maritime sector, and Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd. is honoured to have played a role in reviewing their strategic development plan. Tasked with a low-resolution analysis of this expansion, which includes the introduction of a third marina facility adding over 2000 linear metres of dockage, our team dove deep into various critical aspects of the project.

Blueprints for Expansion: Assessing Nanny Cay Marina's Development Plans

Analyzing Marina Layout and Design

One of our key focuses was on assessing the overall layout of the new marina. This involved examining the proposed berth configurations, navigational considerations, and the integration of the new facility with the existing marina structures. Our aim was to ensure that the expansion not only meets operational efficiency but also enhances the overall aesthetic and functionality of the marina.

Shoreside Access and Infrastructure

Shoreside access is crucial for a marina's success. Our review therefore included a thorough evaluation of the access points, both from the sea and land. We also looked at the infrastructure support, considering the marina's capacity to accommodate increased traffic and the provision of essential services to marina users.

Utility Demands Assessment

An integral part of our analysis was projecting the utility demands of the expanded marina. This encompassed water, electricity, and waste management needs, ensuring that the expansion plans are sustainable and meet environmental standards. We evaluated the feasibility of these utilities in supporting over 100 new berths, ensuring that Nanny Cay's expansion is both practical and forward-thinking.

Market Analysis Alignment

We aligned our review with both current market analysis and projected market trends. This was essential to ascertain that the expansion plans are not only viable in the current market but are also adaptable to future market shifts. Our expertise in maritime market analysis allowed us to provide insights into customer demand, competitive positioning, and potential revenue streams.

Positive Outcome and Future Collaboration

Our findings concluded that Nanny Cay Marina and Resort has a well-thought-out plan for their expansion. Their approach aligns with market needs and operational best practices. We are excited about the potential of this expansion and stand ready to offer further assistance, be it in detailed planning, market strategy development, or operational management as the project evolves.


The Nanny Cay Marina expansion project reflects the dynamic nature of the Caribbean's maritime industry and its growth potential. Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd.’s involvement in this project underscores our capability in providing comprehensive maritime consultancy services, from conceptual reviews to market alignment strategies. We are committed to supporting Nanny Cay Marina and Resort as they embark on this ambitious journey, contributing to the enhancement of the Caribbean's maritime infrastructure.

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