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Celebrating Innovation: Mainstay Group's Role in the Fountaine Pajot Thira 80 New Build Project

In the elite realm of luxury yachting, Mainstay Group stands out for its dedication to excellence and innovation. The recent completion of the Fountaine Pajot Thira 80, named Ad Astra, marks a significant milestone. This is only the second hull of Fountaine Pajot's flagship model, renowned for their expertise in smaller yachts, making Ad Astra a remarkable addition to their fleet and a standout in the market of 80-foot catamarans.

Ad Astra
Ad Astra sets sail to her home in Greece

A Collaborative Triumph

Mainstay Group proudly took on a major role in the collaborative effort to bring Ad Astra to life. While not the project orchestrator, Mainstay's involvement was crucial in tailoring the yacht to meet the sophisticated demands of its owner, aiming for a vessel that excels in both design and functionality, while navigating regulatory challenges. This endeavour was geared towards creating a yacht capable of being chartered in the picturesque waters of the Mediterranean, with seasonal voyages to the vibrant Caribbean.

Meticulous Craftsmanship and Strategic Partnerships

The project hinged on expert craftsmanship and strategic collaborations with industry leaders like Fountaine Pajot. Throughout the process, from meticulous initial specifications to the final touches, the partnership thrived on a foundation of mutual respect and shared goals. The Nomad Yachting team in Greece, who will be managing Ad Astra's charters there, and the Atalanta Marine team, led by the commendable Mr. Panos Douros, were instrumental in ensuring the project's success.

Ad Astra
FP80 #2 S/Y Ad Astra preparing for departure from La Rochelle, France

A New Chapter of Opportunities for New Build Projects

As we celebrate the completion of the Ad Astra, Mainstay Group is excited to announce its readiness to embark on new projects. With unique insights gained from the Thira 80 build, Mainstay is well-positioned to collaborate with builders seeking expertise in managing complex yacht constructions. We are open to new opportunities and eager to apply our specialised knowledge to future endeavours, particularly with other potential Fountaine Pajot builds.

Heartfelt Wishes and Future Aspirations

We extend our heartiest congratulations to the owners of Ad Astra, wishing them joyous and memorable adventures across the seas. Our gratitude also goes to Fountaine Pajot for their steadfast support and to our collaborative partners who made this journey a success. To the crews preparing for her maiden voyage and future charters, we wish fair winds and following seas.

Ad Astra
Representatives from Fountaine Pajot, Atalanta Marine, and Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd. toast to the new Owner's success.

As Ad Astra sets sail for Greece and anticipates its seasonal journey to the Caribbean, Mainstay Group remains committed to supporting the yacht's ongoing success. We look forward to staying involved, ensuring top-notch support as Ad Astra enchants guests with unparalleled maritime luxury.

To learn more about how Mainstay Group can bring your maritime vision to life, or to discuss potential projects, visit Join us as we continue setting the standard for excellence in yacht management and new build consultancy. For those desirous of more photos, we will be sure to do another post when she finishes her photoshoot in Greece!


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