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Discover comprehensive Marine Management services at Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd., your premier partner for expert solutions in the British Virgin Islands and the Caribbean. Our bespoke charter management ensures seamless and unforgettable experiences for vessel owners. Whether you own a private yacht or a commercial fleet, our dedicated team will handle all aspects of vessel management, maximizing their value and performance. Embrace success with our private vessel management, new build management, project planning, crisis management, risk and compliance management, business management, crew management, and mass casualty/catastrophe response management services. Experience excellence in marine solutions today!


Unlock the full potential of your marine ventures with Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd.'s top-tier Marine Consulting services. Our expertise encompasses asset procurement & outfitting, marine engineering, policy & legislation, marine tourism, recruiting, investigation, and other bespoke solutions tailored to your needs. Seamlessly navigate the waters of success with our comprehensive consulting services. Whether it's troubleshooting advice, new builds for large charter yachts, maritime security, or legislative counsel to the public sector, we offer a diverse array of solutions. Click the link to learn more and embark on a transformative journey with us!



Our Projects page is a curated showcase of our remarkable accomplishments in the marine industry. At Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd., we take pride in presenting a selection of exceptional projects that highlight our expertise and innovation. While some of our best works, bound by Non-Disclosure Agreements, are not listed here, our portfolio reflects groundbreaking innovations, successful ventures, and transformative solutions. From cutting-edge marine engineering to policy implementation, each project embodies our dedication to excellence. Rest assured, our passion for pushing boundaries and trying something new remains unwavering. Explore our portfolio and envision the possibilities that await your next venture!


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At Mainstay Consulting Group Ltd., our journey began in 2023 with a clear vision: to elevate the standard of business in the Caribbean marine industry, with a primary focus on the British Virgin Islands. As industry leaders, we excel in diverse management and consulting projects, spanning yachting, vessel procurement and configuration, commercial vessel operation and management, public sector policy and legislation, investigation, and marine tourism growth and investment.

No project is too small for us, and our dedication to excellence drives us to tackle even the most ambitious challenges. If a task exceeds our expertise, we proudly seek out the best-suited experts to ensure your success. While we recognize our limits, we embrace the thrill of exploring uncharted territory, always backed by innovative risk mitigation strategies. Join us on a journey of excellence and innovation in the dynamic world of marine consulting.

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